drunk on dreams

Hello, my name is Chris van Middendorp and I am the founder and owner of design studio Drunk on Dreams.

Drunk on Dreams is not about some deeply intellectual philosophy, nor am I high on dreams in daily life. It is, however, nice to dream big every once in a while and so I did when I started up my own studio. My design approach is about the appreciation of simplicity; the beauty of things imperfect, impermanent or incomplete. Items that have transformed over time are no longer just objects but have become storytellers in their own right, showcasing their craftsmanship and timelessness. My aim is to incorporate and reintroduce those old values and forgotten crafts into my everyday design work.

Having lived in London for a year after finishing high school, I moved back to Holland and started studying Fashion Design in Amsterdam. During my studies I specialised in forecasting and took an extensive internship with Y Trends, an Amsterdam based forecasting agency. It was there that I truly developed my love for footwear and the stories behind product design. Graduated and eager to explore the creative field, I started my own design studio in 2008. In 2010 I followed and graduated a part-time course for Industrial Footwear Design. Currently I am a freelance designer/illustrator for several companies.

When I am not in my home office sketching away or roaming the globe, I love drinking coffee (or wine) with friends, listening to old Tom Waits records, watching live bands play, browsing through thrift shops, taking photographs, doing DIY, making illustrations and of course dreaming about new exciting business ventures